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Trust us for colorectal problems.

Dr. Evans is trained and experienced in performing minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery to treat colon conditions, including colon carcinoma, diverticulitis, sigmoid volvulus, apendicitis and chronic ulcerative colitis. Dr. Evans can also use laparoscopy to repair rectal prolapse, remove noncancerous polyps and treat most colon cancer.

Colectomy, or removal of all or part of the colon, is one of the most common laparoscopic procedures Dr. Evans performs. The aim of this surgery is to remove the disease process causing your symptoms – whether it is cancer, inflammation, pain or stricture. For most patients, this will provide a cure or significant improvement of their bowel problems. For cancer operations, surgery gives the best chance of cure, and the treatment may need to be combined with chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy.



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